Sewoo POS receipt printer and Sewoo mobile printers general overview

IPC and SEWOO® Printers


2″- 3″- 4″ Receipts and Labels


Bluetooth – USB – RS-232C – WiFi

Swipe & Read

Magstripe and contactless cards


iOS – Android – Windows – BlackBerry

The IPC and Sewoo Mobile Printers are a range of small portable printers of receipts and labels including text, barcodes, QR codes and logos. They connect through standard USB, serial RS232C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other media, allowing flexible communication with other terminals whenever needed. Some IPC models also feature magnetic stripe reader and smart card reader with MiFare compatibility. The printers are suitable for multiple applications:

RetailTransportationEventsHospitalityAccountancyBankingCoupons & LotteryHealthcare